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Because my clients say it better than me...!


'Next-Level Magic' for Doula-Equestrian

First Laura Hayward assisted at birth, then she rode in Hampton Classic


At 6:43 a.m. last Thursday, Laura Hayward of Sagaponack was at Stony Brook University Hospital with her pregnant client, who was on the cusp of giving birth. Ms. Hayward, a hypno-birthing doula and practitioner of reiki, helped one of life’s miracles take place that morning: The baby latched beautifully to his mother as Ms. Hayward helped them transition smoothly into the postpartum phase.

Only after everyone was settled nicely did she experience another small miracle: She drove straight from the hospital to Bridgehampton in trade-parade traffic, making it there in under two hours — just in time to compete in the Hampton Classic. (Full story included below)

East Hampton Star, September 2022


5 lessons for success and happiness on Wall Street - from a Bank of America rising star turned doula and reiki master


Bucking the mold of the anonymous corporate drone, Hayward consciously injected her personality into the workplace — something she says contributed to her more than a decade of success on Wall Street.

"I'd always been a finance person at work and a spiritual person and hippie outside of work," Hayward told Insider. 

"When I had a baby, I couldn't commit these years to working the same way I had previously," Hayward said. "I ultimately wanted to be with my child." She'd also picked up a side hustle during her pregnancy she was eager to pursue. After her experience preparing for a natural home birth with a midwife... she became qualified as a doula. "You can't be a doula and work at a bank," she said. "Suddenly your client goes into labor and then you can't go to work for 48 hours."

"You see a lot of people coming in trying to toe the line and do the right things – but from my experience, the more you lead with your difference, the more opportunities follow," Hayward said.

Business Insider, October 2022

Filippa Juul
Doula Client

When I first spoke with Laura on the phone, I instantly knew I wanted her to be the doula for the birth of my son. Her positive and calm energy, holistic philosophy and deep knowledge of the current evidence and literature related to pregnancy and birth made her a perfect fit for me and my husband. As a first-time mom, it was especially valuable to have someone help me prepare for birth, navigate medical advice, and support me in the ups and downs of pregnancy. Thanks to Laura I had a beautiful, calm, unmedicated birth that was everything I hoped for and more! Laura made me feel safe, comfortable, and supported throughout the entire birth process. She tirelessly massaged my back and performed reiki during the 5h (!) push phase, which worked wonders as pain management. When the midwives told me that my son was not rotated correctly, Laura performed spinning babies’ techniques and movement to successfully turn him. My husband and I are forever grateful to Laura for making our son’s birth so beautiful! 

Mary Galvin
Doula Client

Laura is the secret weapon you didn’t know you needed leading up to the big day. I hadn’t given my labor much thought between work and preparing for my first child. She was my calming reassurance and guiding light when tough questions and situations came up prior to delivery and during delivery.  I’m not sure who appreciates her more, my husband or me. I know that I could not have endured my 16 plus hours of labor without her. She made my tough decisions and real time in the moment decisions much more stress free and calming.

Rachel Cook
Reiki Client

​I was looking for some type of energy work but had no idea where to start. Laura’s card truly landed in my lap and I am convinced it was not by accident. Completely new to reiki, I had no idea what to expect but entered my first session with an open-mind. Instantly upon meeting her, I felt at ease and comfortable. Laura is calm and welcoming with a warm smile and great sense of humor. I left my first session with a sense of calm I had not felt in a long time. It is hard to explain to others, but all I knew was my body craved more. I will continue to work with Laura, in-person and remotely to dive deeper into this practice and trust her completely to know what my body is needing.

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