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Laura's Story

I have been learning and practicing Reiki all my life. My father is a Reiki Master in England, and I chose to follow in his footsteps, qualifying as a Reiki Master myself when I moved from London to New York in 2017.

I never knew my childhood was alternative until I discussed it with friends years later... but in the house I grew up in, when you complained of a headache or stiff neck, you were not offered painkillers; rather you would receive the advice to "just pause, take a breath", and would find yourself on the receiving end of warm, healing hands, gently channeling Energy to you until the ailment was a distant memory.

My career for 15 years in the fast paced world of Finance was eons away from my Kent countryside upbringing. That said, working with big personalities on Wall Street day to day gave me much opportunity to put my Energy work to good use! The phrase "just pause" remains as valuable to me now as ever and never fails to offer grounding and clarity in the midst New York's busyness.

Having had my first child, I retrained as a Doula and I now live in the Hamptons, New York, with my wife, dogs, cats, chickens and horse. It's a full house. In addition to Reiki and Birth Work, I also practise Animal Therapy and am a qualified Horse Whisperer. Please see my Just Paws page, and my (It's) Just Birth page for more details on the services I offer there. 

Yourcherish-maternity photographer-family-in -the -studio-new-york-nj-newborn-family-hampt
Yourcherish-maternity photographer-family-in -the -studio-new-york-nj-newborn-family-hampt
Yourcherish-maternity photographer-family-in -the -studio-new-york-nj-newborn-family-hampt
Yourcherish-maternity photographer-family-in -the -studio-new-york-nj-newborn-family-hampt

My Approach

"Everything natural, every flower or tree, and every animal have important lessons to teach us if we would only stop, look, and listen.", Eckhart Tolle.

I believe in the healing power of nature. I offer holistic Energy treatments, tailored to my clients needs, combining traditional Reiki techniques, elements of Sound Healing and some Shamanic influences. Clients will leave feeling rebalanced, recharged and revitalised. Predominantly I practise in the Hamptons but also offer sessions in New York City.

I practise both on humans and animals.


Is Reiki for you?

Reiki is an Eastern energy healing technique based on the belief that all living beings have energy fields. The term “reiki” comes from the Japanese words “rei,” meaning universal, and “ki,” means life force Energy which flows through all living things.


In a traditional Reiki session, a practitioner will place their hands on certain areas of the body to help channel Universal Energy and promote healing and vitality. Some describe reiki as acupuncture without the needles.

Some benefits of Reiki have been reported as;

- Deep Relaxation

- Emotional Balancing

- Promotion of Natural Self Healing

- Eased Pain and Tension

- Peace, Relaxation and Security

I offer Reiki in many forms - Traditional Reiki sessions, Fertility Reiki, Postpartum Reiki, Baby Reiki and Animal Reiki - in both single session and package form.

Please reach out to discuss your needs in more detail.

Open Book

My Energy Qualifications

Reiki I, II, Master Level

Shamanic Reiki

Shamanic School - Path of the Warrior 

Peru Shamanic Retreat

Sound Therapy

Womb Alchemy

CAPPA Doula Trained

HypnoBirth Trained

Cat's Nose

My Animal Therapy 


Monty Roberts I Horse Whispering

Animal Assisted Therapy Courses Animal Therapy Handler Trained

 Animal Therapy with Dementia

Pet Partners Affiliated

People & Animals Conferences

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