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(It's) Just Birth

"We are the only species of mammals that can doubt its capacity to give birth. Think about that.

Ina May Gaskin

Doula Services

My Story

Birth can be completely natural, completely safe and completely empowering! 

I loved being pregnant and I loved giving birth. I have always believed that birth is a perfectly natural process, one that has been taking place on this planet for millions of years, and I had no ambition to over medicalise unless the specific situation called for it. As a Brit living in New York, I sought high and low to find birth practitioners who were like minded in viewing birth in this way, more akin to the European mindset. I met with over 10 Manhattan based doctors across 4 hospitals, and found myself walking into these appointments feeling confident and relaxed, and coming away feeling tense and anxious! The opposite of what one might expect. I felt completely silenced. It was so important that my providers empower me to trust my body, and in the absence of this, I spent hours and hours doing my own research into birth and educating myself. Through my research, I found one person who shared my views... she ended up being my Doula. 


Soon after I gave birth, I trained as a HypnoBirth Doula myself.

I feel passionate about birth being a deeply personal processes, where women's rights are upheld and their voices are listened to. As a HynoBirth Doula, through education and support, I help clients to be fully informed when making decisions and act as their advocate through in the birth-room. I provide emotional and physical support and help them to reclaim that innate birthing power. I support women in trusting their bodies and their instincts and collaborating with the healthcare practitioners in a way that is more symbiotic.

Just pause, take a breath... trust that your body knows exactly what to do.

It's just birth, after all. We've all been there.

Family Planning through

alternative channels

As a lesbian myself, I have first hand experience of the multitude of steps that go into family planning for the LGBTQ+ community. I am committed to supporting clients through all stages of their journeys (be it IUI, IVF, Surrogacy et al) as well as any the additional considerations these channels have for pregnancy and labour.

My Doula Package


Find support and advocacy to help you throughout your pregnancy journey, during labour and beyond. My doula services are priced at $3,500 and include the following;


- HypnoBirth course (5 weeks, 1 hour per week)

- Ongoing childbirth education & support throughout pregnancy

- Birth preferences session

- In person prenatal session

- Prenatal Reiki session

- Support through duration of labour

- Postnatal session

- Baby Reiki session


Please do reach out to discuss your own personal circumstances. I am excited about sharing this journey with you. 

Let’s Work Together

For more information, please do contact me and we can set up time to speak.

Tel: (917) 288-2470

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