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Just Pause

Doula & Energy Healing in NYC & the Hamptons

Yourcherish-maternity photographer-family-in -the -studio-new-york-nj-newborn-family-hampt

About Me

My name is Laura Hayward. 

I have been learning and practicing Reiki all my life. My father is a Reiki Master in England, and I followed in his footsteps, becoming a Reiki Master myself when I moved from London to New York.


I dovetail Energetic Rebalancing into so many facets of my life and work.

I am passionate about birth and like to bring Reiki into my work as a Doula. I find that this helps with pain management, brings a state of calm, and balances the energy in the birthing room. Even pre-pregnancy, I bring Reiki, breath-work and meditation to the fertility journey that many walk.


I also bring my Energy work to the homes and land on which we dwell. The home is where we start and end our day, our safe space, where we spend time with loved ones. Energetically Rebalancing the home is tantamount to our healing. 

In addition to this Energy work, I also incorporate the healing power of animals and nature into my practice with Animal Assisted sessions.

My wife and I live between the Upper East Side and Sagaponack, the Hamptons, New York, with our dogs, cats, chickens and horse.

"Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves"

James M. Barrie

Just Pause

Reiki & Shamanic Energy healing for humans and animals, at home or distance

Just Homes

Energetic Rebalancing & Cleansing services for apartments, homes and land


Just Paws

Animal Assisted sessions for adults & children with cats, dogs, horses or chickens


(It's) Just Birth

Doula services and childbirth education throughout pregnancy, labour and beyond


I knew Laura was special from the moment I spoke with her but I truly believe my labor would have been twice as long if it wasn’t for her. As soon as Laura arrived she knew exactly what positions to do based on the station of the baby in order to reposition my baby girl and get her down the birth canal properly. I truly believe my labor would have lasted another 24 hours if it wasn’t for Laura. I will be forever grateful! 

Bianca Piccirilli

​I was looking for some type of energy work but had no idea where to start. Laura’s card truly landed in my lap and I am convinced it was not by accident. Completely new to reiki, I had no idea what to expect but entered my first session with an open-mind. Instantly upon meeting her, I felt at ease and comfortable. Laura is calm and welcoming with a warm smile and great sense of humor. I left my first session with a sense of calm I had not felt in a long time. It is hard to explain to others, but all I knew was my body craved more. I will continue to work with Laura, in-person and remotely to dive deeper into this practice and trust her completely to know what my body is needing .

Rachel Cook

Laura's presence is both dependable, rooted and fiery. You feel immediately at ease and drawn in. Her energy work with Reiki and Sound Healing has shifted me into a higher vibration, feeling aligned and inspired. I also find her insights into other healing avenues to explore have been completely on target and supported me on my path in ways that are still unfolding.

Jessica Forsythe

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