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The energetic balance in your home is shaped by the life that you lead and the life that you lead is shaped by the energetic balance in your home.

Physically, our homes are cleaned regularly, decorated, re-decorated; they undergo Spring Cleans and major clear-outs; closets are de-cluttered and when needs change, new spaces are carefully curated to fit...

But how often are our homes cleaned energetically? How often is the energy in our rooms de-cluttered and cleansed, or the balance in a home curated and refined? How often when buying a new home do we start with a deep clean of existing energetic noise (whether from prior dwellers or manufacturing process) and level set for the new lives that will share these spaces? And how often when major life events happen do we reset our home energetically to let go of the old chapter and welcome the new?

For most people, the answer is never. 

The result is a home that carries layers of energetic noise from what came before, noise that is perceived in the feel of a room, and which will subtly shape the lives of those who dwell in those spaces.


Energetic Rebalancing of Homes

I offer a full energetic cleanse of your home and grounds, including land blessing. I use a holistic mix of rich vibrations from singing bowls, healing Reiki energy and Shamanic practices to balance the energy of a property and recalibrate. Owners can be present if they wish to partake in meditation, or can be off property and enjoy the shift in energetic balance when they return.

Moments to consider;

- Purchase of a new home for a deep clean of incumbent energy

- Return to property after time away / renters vacating

- Before listing an existing property for sale

- Following major life events (birth, marriage, divorce, etc)

- Prior to demolition of a property or significant landscaping changes

Price is calculated on a square footage basis with packages customised to client needs.

For most homes, a full Energetic Rebalance would take 4 - 8 hours with price point approximately $5,000. Apartments typically 2 - 4 hours approx $2,500.


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